Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello, curveball

Austin enjoyed his first friday night high school football game this weekend as Hoover took on Stow here in North Canton. Apparently our quarterback and wide receiver are both named Austin too, so it was kinda neat to be walking up to the stadium and hear all sorts of "Austins" over the loudspeaker. Even though Hoover wasn't victorious, I felt my own victory in being able to sit in those bleachers at 8.5 months pregnant for almost the entire game! After half-time, Jim's brother Benn and his wife Emily joined us (us being me, Jim and his parents) and I learned that they have matching shirts to wear to the hospital when the baby is born. It's too bad they aren't excited to become an Aunt and Uncle!

Saturday morning I attended another pregnancy education class at Aultman Hospital. This time, it was for breastfeeding basics. Since we signed up for classes, Jim insisted he would attend this class too--he's been to every doctor's appointment and constantly asks how I'm feeling, so he's completely supportive. But I really didn't want him to go! So we asked the nurse Monday at the last labor class what she thought about men going to this other class, and she basically said most men don't go (her husband didn't), but it wasn't completely out of the question. He decided not to.

So naturally I walk in Saturday and find two other couples. I couldn't believe it. It didn't bother me that he wasn't there (I was the one who didn't want him to go in the first place after all), but it was strange to be the odd one out when you're talking about something like breastfeeding of all things! All in all, it was still very informative. And something I really appreciated about this class was that the nurse included tips for women who are planning on returning to work. I feel like so much of what I've read or seen in advertisements about post-pregnancy (feeding-related or otherwise) is geared towards stay-at-home moms, so this was a welcome change. It was also challenging to think how many times a day I may need to pump at work, and therefore, how that might impact what I can accomplish each day and still get home at a decent hour to be with my new baby boy. But other than that, it's a piece of cake! We'll see about that.

Saturday night I was able to kick back a bit and rest while Jim was out working hard to draft an amazing Fantasy Football team, and my Mom stopped by to drop off a few goodies for the nursery, including the handmade crib skirt. It's yet to be determined if Jim's fantasy team looks as great as the crib skirt, but I will tell you that he's already having some doubts.

It's a good thing I got some rest Saturday because I wound up back at the hospital Sunday morning after experiencing some signs of pre-term labor. I won't go into the details, but we found out that I'm 2-3 centimeters dialated and 80% effaced already. The big kicker is that we also confirmed that Austin is completely breech. That round bump high on my right side that I was hoping was his cute little baby bottom is actually his head, and his feet are with the cord closest to the "door." The doctor basically told me to stay close to home and get to the hospital immediately if my water breaks because there is concern that the cord could get kinked up in the birth canal and possibly lead to complications.

It's possible I could still carry until 40 weeks like this, but I just can't risk being too far with the breech status. I was planning to work this one last week on campus in Ashland, then work from home starting 9/6 (36 weeks and on), but because of these new developments, I'll start at home 8/29. It's still business as usual until this baby comes! And honestly, I have a feeling it could happen in the next week or two. You better believe that hospital bag got packed today ;)

As promised, I leave you now with some of the most entertaining one-liners/zingers of the pregnancy:

"Hey 'Preggers!' How's it hangin'?"

"Austin, hit the rock... whoa, he just kicked me!" --My sister, Jess

"WHAT exactly is holding that up?!" --Our friend, Megan, referring to my 33-week belly

"Jennifer, that is a BIG BELLY!" --My four-year-old cousin, Nathan (also the 33-week belly)

Neighbor: "I saw Jim, but never got to tell you 'congrats' until now."
Me: "Well that's not fair, I'm doing all the work here!"
Neighbor: "Nah, you both did some work, but that was the fun part, right?!

"It looks like you have a basketball under that shirt."

Lots of people I rarely see at work, but happen to see when I'm pregnant: "Wow, I bet you're ready."
Me: "Sure am, except I'm only 34 weeks, so I'll be even bigger the next time you see me."
(and then I think to myself, what WILL they say when I'm bigger?!)

"You know when your belly button pops out, you'll be ready.  It's the 'done button.' " --My college roommate, Bethel

Me: "The ultrasound showed he's completely breech Mom."
Mom: "Well if that's been his head up there this whole time, he's gonna have a big head!"

Doctor during ultrasound: "He's definitely being moderately uncooperative."
Me: "He has a tendency to misbehave when he know's he's on camera, but you're saying you've seen worse?"
Doctor: "Well, no, I was trying to be friendly!"

Doctor (about 2 minutes later): "Wow, good luck with him!"

"Whatever you do, can you please try not to go into labor on Thursday when I have my other Fantasy Football Draft? I love you." --Jim, after we got home from the hospital Sunday

Me (about an hour later): "You know, it would be kinda cool if Austin was born 9/1 because his cousin Justin was born 2/1."
Jim: "Wait, that's Thursday isn't it?
Me: "Oh, nevermind."


Oh and by the way, this post was drafted Sunday afternoon, ready to post Monday evening (8/29) until I WENT INTO LABOR!  Austin James was born at 7:26 p.m. Monday, a day shy of 35 weeks, but still weighing in at 6 lbs, 9.8 oz.  Mom and baby are doing well, but he's still in the NICU and it's hard to believe this happened at all. Pictures and details to come!!

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