Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby's First Ear Infection :(

It's been quite a month in the Draher household. What felt like an eternity during the toughest days now seems to have flown up in the whirlwind that has been February.

We started the month with Austin's first Superbowl party! It's weird to think that at this party last year we announced to Jim's family that we were expecting, and that now we have our own little munchkin dressed up in sporty clothes and sitting on our lap while we laugh at the commercials. The following week, however, was one of the toughest weeks since Austin was born.

One night after taking his last bottle and having been asleep for a while, Austin woke up vomiting. It was all over the crib. And his sleeper. Everywhere. It's an awful feeling. But as soon as we got him cleaned up and dry again, he went back to his smiling self. It was quite inspiring. Until it happened again first thing the next morning, and the rest of that day. Luckily my mom was babysitting that day. She was a trooper. I picked up some Pedialyte at the store over lunch, and Jim took Austin to the doctor's later in the afternoon. Vomiting slowed down over the next few days, but diarrhea was pretty constant. Austin also picked up a heavy cough and sniffles Sunday. Did I mention he wouldn't sleep in his crib all week? Jim and I literally rotated shifts with him on the couch--we surrounded ourselves with pillows and held him all night long. Finally decided to go back to the doctor Wednesday because he was not progressing, and that's of course when we found out about DOUBLE ear infections. Ouch. That would explain why he wasn't sleeping in his crib - likely had major ear pain every time he laid down.

It only took three doses of the antibiotic to see a definite change in Austin's demeanor. That poor lethargic baby had bounced back to his smiling, giggling self. I'm not going to lie, it was a very tough week and a half on all of us. Aside from not being able to do much for a crying kiddo who can't communicate, Jim and I both caught the cough, sniffles and congestion. Finally, the fogginess that was in my ears feels like it's clearing up today.

Now that the illnesses have ended, we can look forward to Austin's half birthday on Wednesday! He's a half leap baby! I don't even know what that means, but it sounds pretty comical so we'll go with it. Seriously though, six months already?! I knew it would fly by, but now that it's actually here, I really don't know where the time went. I should add, rather excitedly, that we do still have six month sized clothes in Austin's dresser. Based on the fact that he started wearing that size by 2-3 months old, we were afraid he'd be in 24 month sized clothes by now! So that is truly exciting. He definitely lost weight when he was sick (confirmed at the doctor's), so we'll have to see where he is again tomorrow at his six-month appointment. Great timing with this appointment--it's the first of his last four appointments that was scheduled more than a month in advance--because we need to get his ears re-checked now that the antibiotic is gone. Unfortunately, he's getting shots again--certainly the worst part of going to the doctor. The best part? Watching his excitement when he hears and feels the crinkly paper on the table. Honest to goodness. It's so funny. Much like a fascination with bubble wrap. The sound just cracks him up.

Speaking of Austin cracking up, I have to share one last story before I run. Saturday when my Mom came over to babysit, she said she liked his sleeper. This particular sleeper, I explained, was a gift from a college friend, Jenny (hi Jenny!), when I met her and another friend (Bethel) for dinner in late August. So I'm saying this as I'm picking Austin up out of the swing. I oddly remember that we met on a Wednesday, quickly did the math and said out loud in front of him, "Oh yeah, that was the 24th and [insert eye roll here] SOMEONE was born five days later." Without missing a beat, he cocked his head back and just started laughing at me! Mom and I look at each other and couldn't do anything but laugh ourselves. That little booger is running the show.

On that note, I need to go paint my nails while I have some time to myself (and time for them to dry!). Wish us luck tomorrow at the six month appointment :)